Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bus Okay?
BusOkay is an end to end School Transport Management Platform to manage transport operations , manage vehciles , drivers , bus routing to pick up and drop riders, manage boarding and de-boarding, with real time information to school administrtaion and parents APP notifications to parents , track school bus enroute , monitor driving behaviour and ensure security implementations on the bus with safety checks.
What are the different Software modules and App's in BusOkay ?
BusOkay solution comprises of

a) Web based Campus admin application – specifically designed for School adminstration , with integrated tracking

b) Ride Assistant Mobile App (Android ) – to manage trips , boarding – deboarding of Riders . Thsi App can be used by dedicated Ride Assistants and/or Drivers Drivers

c) Tracking App (IOS/Android) for Parents – to know Bus route status , track bus on Google Map , receive boarding / deboarding notifications

Does school Admin requires any IT infrastructure , networking and hardware ?
No special IT infratsructure is required . Standard desktop computer or a laptop with internet connectivity can be used for managing day to day Traansport Management activities.
Any special smart phone is required for Ride Assistant ?
A simple Android based Smart phone with5″” or 6″” screen is good enough for efficient useage of Ride Assistant App .
Incase Ride Assistant are required to scan ID badges using NFC , then Smart phone must support the same .
Does School requires to instal any GPS or any other Devices in the Buses with BusOkay ?
BusOkay is designed to work in different combinations with our without GPS devices , to suite requirements of the School transport operations and available budgets
How BusOkay will function without GPS Devices ?
Configure transport bus details in BusOkay Campus admin web platform , create Bus Stops and Routes on Google Maps , Add Rider details in the system with Parent mobile numbers , assign Ride Assistant/Driver details in the system and you are good to okay .
School bus will use GPS location from the Ride Assistant App and School admin will be able to track vehicle on the basis of Ride Assistant movement , monitor route performance and Parents will be able to track route , receive boarding / de-boarding notifications .
Ride Assistant APP can also read NFC compatible RFID cards or QR codes , which are normally used by school as ID.
What are the advantgaes if a GPS Device is installed and configured with BusOkay ?
BusOkay is fully integarted School Bus GPS tracking system with real time cloud based connectivity for school bus surveillance applications .
Using a GPS device installed in the Vehicle will provide more accurate and reliable data on the Location , ignition and speed .
GPS is also installed with SOS / Panic switch and incase of an emergency when SOS switch is used , Campus Admin is alerted on the same with location information on the location of the Bus .
When an AIS-140 compliant GPS device is installed , which is configured with State Govt Police Control room – the same is alerted to provide emergency response .
Do we offer RFID card based solution to be used for tracking boarding / de-boarding on the school buses ?
Yes GPS devices and mDVR’s can also be installed with an RFID reader , where in as and riders board / de-board the School bus , flash the RFID card on the reader , Parents can receive notifications on BusOkay Tracking App , without intervention of Ride Assistant .
What are the benefits of the surveillance cameras in transport vehicles ?
CCTV is recommended to be installed in Public and school buses for several reasons , some of the same are
1) Safety & security of the passengers / riders and ensuring availability of evidence of crime or any untowards incident .
2) Monitoring of driving behaviour and ensuring smooth trasnport operations
3) Security , maintenance of vehcilular asset and collection of evidence , incase any damage is caused to the vehicle by a 3rd party vehicle or general public in an outrage / incident.
4) Reduction of liability in case of any untowards accident.
5) School Bus Surveillance becomes necessary due to undiscerning nature of children. Security cameras offer extra pair of eyes while navigating harsh road conditions and unruly traffic.
What is GPS tracking and what are the benefits of GPS tracking ?
Global Positioning System (GPS) unit is a device used to determine and track the precise location of an asset, person or vehicle. It also records the location at regular intervals. It is achieved with the help of GPS satellites and is mainly used for security purposes. School Bus GPS tracking system or School Bus Tracker is used in to track the location of school vehicles and buses.
What are the benefits of Integrated GPS and surveillance cameras in transport vehicles ?
Incase of integrated GPS and Video , GPS location is tagged with video footage . It becomes very easy to smart search video evidence based on a specific location incidents. Our range of mDVR’s have built in GPS modules , which provide integrated data feed , so that GPS routing and video can be monitored and re-played together in an integrated fashion .
How Many cameras should be installed in a bus ?
Following are the recommendations for a School Bus Surveillance;
1) In a Midi bus for up to 24 Seater with single entry-exit door, a minimum of 2 cameras must be installed. One over looking at driver, one at the entry-exit door and for general passenger seating area. Additional cameras for general passengers and overlooking from inside of the windscreen for view and recording the journey is recommended.
2) In a Standard bus for up to 30 Seater with One each entry and exit door, a minimum of 3 cameras must be installed. One over looking at driver, one each at entry and exit door. Additional cameras for general passengers and overlooking from inside of the windscreen for view and recording the journey is recommended.
How can I ensure safety of my child using Bus Okay solution ?
Bus Okay tracking system sends you real-time notifications regarding school bus locations. You also get to know in case of bus delays, over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc. ensuring all your safety concerns for your child.
How do I get the information about my child?
Bus Okay website and mobile device app enables you to view when your child is boarded on and off the bus via computer, tablet, or smartphone. You also can receive push alerts and notifications that identify your child’s bus number and time and location of scan.
Can I contact the school bus driver or Ride Assistant while in transit?
Yes, you can contact the school Ride Assistant from your BusOkay tracking App in any emergency situation. However it should be noted that Driver should not be called on mobile phone during driving / trip hours .
Are there any extra charges to be paid to receive notifications daily?
No. There are no extra charges for receiving notifications.
How do I install the Bus Okay Tracking App?
As a Parent , you can directly download and install the Bus Okay App through iOS App Store or Android Play Store.”
Can Tracking App indicates bus arrival at designated bus stops ?
Yes Tracking App provides indication of Bus Arrival at Designated Stop
Can parents be provided with live video feed of the school buses ?
Yes we can provide live feed from buses on demand to Parents , depending of the type of system selected by School
What type of alarms are available in the Bus Okay solution ?
As a standard ,
when installed with GPS devices -we support SOS /Panic and High Speed Driving alarms .
when installed with mDVR’s , we additionally support 1) Video Loss 2) Camera Cover 3) Storage eception / fault .
In addition 8 external input and out alarms external Panic , External temperature A/C sensing , door open / close sensing etc.
We also support GeoFencing alarm – an area of inetrest can be earmarked to send out an alarm , incase bus enters / exists a certain area of concern. When an MDVR is installed alarms can be tagged with video footage , with physical and logical alarms such as high speed driving alarms or harsh driving , harsh acceleration alarms for evidence for driver behaviour monitoring .
Are there any Central Govt inititaives or reforms to improve traffic on roads ?
1. Supreme court laid down elaborate guidelines in 1997 for school bus operations across the country to minimise risk to the lives of school children.
2. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) issued a Gazzette notification on 28/11/2016 that all Public Transportation vehicles to have location tracking device and emergency buttons ,in accordance with AIS-140: 2016, as amended from time to time, till such time the corresponding BIS specifications are notified under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986.
3. On 11th April 2017 Lok Sabha approved a bill for radical reforms in transport sector in an effort to reduce traffic violations, increase compensation , check bogus licences and control vehicle theft.
Are there any CBSE Guidelines or standards laid for installation of GPS & CCTV in School Buses ?
Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE ) has mandated School Bus Surveillance and School Bus GPS Tracking System wide notification dated 23/02/2017 making GPS and CCTV compulsorily in each of the school bus. It has been further directed to ensure system in complete working conditions at all times ( Real time monitoring )
Are there any State Govt requirements to comply with Supreme Court guidelines and support CBSE initiatives ?
Delhi State Govt on 20th June 2017 has directed DTC to have minimum 3 CCTV Cameras professionally installed with transport grade equipment in each of the buses , with proper recording and real time monitoring at the central control room

Other State Govt and State Police departments have issued certain additional guidelines / requirements for school buses. In state of Karnataka , Haryana , Kerela , Himachal Pradesh and Telengana GPS and CCTV have been made compulsory in school buses and have specified that the footage of the CCTV must be kept for 60 days and must be handed over to the police in case of any investigation purpose.